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Russian (CIS)
 TSVETNOY Central Market

The centre of Moscow, Tsvetnoy bulvar, the place where the Central Market was once situated, is well known to Muscovites. The construction complicacy of the commercial centre was caused by the limited space of the worksite, located between the building of the famous Yuri Nikulin Circus and the building of the Moscow Subway with its line being exactly under the construction site.

We have solved this problem and decorated Muscovites building with specially made facade finished with Italian travertine panels. Thus we have presented the city with the first building styled in modern trend but perfectly fitted into the historical view of Tsvetnoy bulvar.

 Address:bld. 1, 15, Tsvetnoy bulvar, Moscow
 Total area:36,163 m²
 Commencement of works:November, 2007
 Type of works:construction
 Execution period:14 months