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Russian (CIS)
 CSKA: Football Stadium

The stadium for 30,000 seats is intended for the Russian championship and international football games. The field will have a natural grass surface with modern drainage systems, heating, automatic watering system and ventilation of the grassed area, and will meet the highest requirements of UEFA.

The architectural image of the stadium is formed by uneven corner towers joint between by a transparent canopy ranks. Rectangular volumes have sloping fronts, and the complex hyperbolic form canopies make the stadium appearance expressive and original. The dominant feature of the complex is a 38-storey office tower, its shape resembling a football trophy.

The stadium ranks have two tiers separated by rows of "skybox." Wheelchair users seats are available on the northern and southern ranks. Snack-bars for spectators, TV studio and media room are made in the corner towers segments, facing the football field.

Entrance of the spectators to the stadium is carried out through the two gate groups: the north - from the the 3rd Peschanaya street and south - from the Berezovaya Roshcha street. The spectators get to Level 2 using the sloping ramps, passing afterwards by the the gallery surrounding the stadium.

The restaurant, the medical center, the museum of football, merchandise and gift shops, the football school and the club are located at the premises below the stands. The hotel for sportsmen is located at the north-east corner tower, while the conference hall for 300 seats - at the north-west. The team locker rooms, rooms for referees, the doping control rooms meet the highest international standards as well. The particular attention is paid to the convenience of the press, to the quality of TV coverage and to the security of spectators.

In addition to that, the stadium complex includes the separate multi-level parking for 750 cars, coupled with the stadium by the footbridge and the parking spaces in the underground floors of the arena. Total number of parking spaces stipulated by the project is equal to 1,400.

 Address:2, 3-rd Peschanaya St. and 38A, Khoroshevskoe Shosse, Moscow
 Total area:171,700 m² (plot area is 7.15 ha)
 Commencement of works:March, 2012
 Type of works:designing, construction