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Russian (CIS)

«Russia Today» – Russian information television company, founded in 2005. RT broadcast round the clock in English, Arabic and Spanish for 630 million people in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Reconstruction of one of the buildings of a tea factory and its adaptation for use as an office and television news broadcast technical complex in high definition (HDTV) set for specialists of PSP-FARMAN a number of challenges that have been successfully resolved. The biggest challenge in creating the new headquarters of the TV channel was a development of most effective technical communication and advanced engineering solutions.

Laconic interior design combined with the sophisticated design solutions creates the most comfortable conditions for work. HVAC system provides an optimal climate for both the work of the people, and process equipment. The new RT’s TV complex is equipped with the most recent technology.

Of particular note is a short time reconstruction of the building and the fact that the relocation of the channel was a one without interruption of broadcasting which required accurate planning and execution of works exactly according to schedule.

 Address:3, Borovaya st., Moscow
 Total area:26,298 m²
 Commencement of works:October, 2011
 Type of works:reconstruction and repurpose facilities, construction of object extensions, design and execution of work on the interior of the Administrative Office Building
 Execution period:16 months