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Russian (CIS)
Design Department
Design Department

Organization and control of general contract works performance with own resources (30 employees in Moscow and 60 employees in Belgrade)

  • Pre-design elaboration and development of architectural and town-planning concept (booklet).
  • Outline design stage.
  • Detailed engineering stage.
  • Preparation of summary and local cost estimates for design and construction in compliance with various databases and standard specifications: with Europeans (DIN) and Russian (Regional Construction Norms) ones.
  • Exact calculation of technical and economic indexes of the project, of scope of work, of resources on basis of BEXEL project management software.
  • Selection and coordination of building materials and equipment, including all engineering systems of building with the Customer and regulatory authorities.
  • Selection of contractors and suppliers of building materials and equipment, on a basis of coordination with the customer.
  • Organization and holding of tender processes for all the kinds of work.
  • Preparation and support of owner-contractor agreements, of contracts of delivery, of service agreements.
  • Organization of field supervision.
  • Quality control over design works.
  • Quality control over construction and installation works.
  • Organization of sci-tech support of the construction process.
  • Organization and of management of the construction process with BEXEL software.
  • Putting a key-ready building in operation, including execution of as-built documentation.